zondag 29 april 2012

Testride Quest

After so many years not driving a Velomobiel yesterday I did have the opportunity to cycle the Quest.
At home I did make a track on my computer, so it was easy to follow this by the GPS I had with me.
Allert Jacobs fitted the (yellow) Quest for me and after a small test round I was off on the track.
First I did cycle towards Kampen. Open road with a lot of wind. This made me aware of the steering with the influence of the wind on the Quest. Even with the headwind the speed was over 30 km / hour!
I was impressed!
After going in the Noord Oostpolder, the wind was with me, the speed went up to almost constantly 40+.
The fitting of the Quest was not perfectly so I had a bruise on my right shoulder after the trip. Also the right shoe of my clip came out dozens of times, annoying!
At the end of the ride it went slower, even though I had wind in the back.
When I turned into the store of Velomobiel, Allert did noticed a slow leak in the left front tire.
This was the reason why it was harder than the start of the trip!
It was fun to do the run and I am now sure I made the right decision in ordering the Carbon Quest.
It will be essential to make my Quest fit like a glove.

I do write this blog in English so my American friends can read it instantly. The Dutch readers can all read English I am sure!

vrijdag 27 april 2012

QR code Japan rit 2

QR Code

There I am again.
Tomorrow I will cycle the Quest for the first time!
Today I planned a maiden trip round Dronten. This is the place where they build the Quests and Strada's.
I hope I will be allowed to cycle the 55 km track?
Tomorrow I will post the experience.
The Quest I ordered this january will be my third velomobiel, so I know how the general feeling.
After the M5 Kalisvaart and the Alleweder, it is time for me to return to this kind of cycling!
About the track; check out

dinsdag 24 april 2012

Fellow velomobiel riders?

Maybe there are people who would like to accompany me on my (Maiden) trip to Poland and back in August 2012. It will be about 2000 km, (twice) five days of 200 km a day. My plan is start early in the day and to camp wild (Ninja camping), in Poland in a (cheap) hotel.
My goal is to visit a very good Dutch friend who has a river barge (a "Spits" rijnaak) which is converted to a holiday ship in Konin.
In Poland we can also visit several beautiful cities and rest on the barge.
Here we can stay for a couple of days before we go back the same route to the Netherlands.

The Cygnus (Dutch owner)

zondag 1 april 2012

Test test

This is a test for publishing a story on my Blog with my IPhone, we will see?